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This website is the responsibility of SHELLBROOK INVESTMENT, S.L. with NIF B86802857 company domiciled at Calle Marques de la Ensenada, 14 - 3 Plt, 28004, Madrid, entity registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid in volume 31.430, folio 11, section 8 and page M565783, (hereinafter, HISPANIA).

The entity respects the privacy rights of its Users and recognises the importance of protecting the personal data that the entity collects about its Users. 
The purpose of this document is to inform Users of the website about the processing of personal data carried out on this website.


3.1. What data is processed
By simply accessing the website, the entity collects the IP address and other data relating to the connection and its origin. 
The IP address is a code that identifies the User's Internet connection at a specific time. 
Only the User's Internet access provider can identify the subscriber who was assigned an IP address at a specific time. 
By the very nature of the server supporting the website, the User's IP address is automatically logged along with the date and time of access.
3.2. What this data is used for
This data is used solely to manage the normal use of the website and to carry out statistical analyses on the use of the website.
3.3. Recipients of the data
The entity does not provide this information to any third party, unless it is obliged to do so by law (e.g. an official request in the framework of a police investigation).
Lawful processing
The legal basis for the processing of the IP address is the technological necessity to enable the provision of the website.
3.5.    Period of data processing
IP addresses will be kept for a period of 1 month. 

Data protection regulations guarantee Users the following rights:
- Access: Allows the User to know what information is held, where it has been obtained from, to whom it has been provided and for what purposes it has been processed.
- Rectification: Allows the User to rectify any erroneous or out-of-date data. 
- Deletion: Allows the User to ensure that their data is no longer processed.
- Opposition: Allows the User to stop the use of their data for a specific purpose.
- Limitation: Allows the User to restrict the processing of their data, but in such a way that they are kept for a subsequent purpose.
- Portability: Allows the User to obtain a copy of his/her data in electronic format and, in certain circumstances, to request that it be communicated to another service provider. It is only applicable to computerised processing carried out with the consent of the User or for the fulfilment of a contract.
- Revocation of consent: Allows the User to withdraw the consent that, where applicable, has been given for the processing of his/her data.
These rights require the possibility of identifying the User requesting them and linking his or her identity to the data processed by the entity.
However, the entity cannot establish this link with any of the data it processes by simply accessing the website, unless the User is able to provide certain documentation that allows his or her identification (for example, a certificate from his or her Internet access provider indicating the IP address assigned to the User on a specific date and at a specific time).
Users are informed that they may exercise the aforementioned rights before the entity, as well as revoke their consent to the processing if they have given it, by post to the aforementioned address or by e-mail to 
If Users wish further information in this respect or consider that their right to data protection has been violated, they may contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( 


5.1. Cookies and similar
The entity uses cookies and other similar mechanisms for storing and retrieving data on terminal equipment (hereinafter, cookies).
Cookies are files that are downloaded to the User's browser and can be subsequently read by the entity. In this way, cookies allow various functionalities, such as, for example, recognising a User who has previously accessed the website and being able to analyse the use of the web service in order to improve it. 
However, it is not possible to find out the identity of the User from the cookies used by the entity, unless the User provides additional information through other means and these can be linked to the cookies that have been downloaded.
For more information, please consult the [Cookies Policy].  
5.2. Contact form:
HISPANIA will process the data provided through the contact form in order to deal with the contact request. 
- Legal basis: The legal basis that legitimises the processing, is the consent of the user expressed at the time of sending their contact request.
- Retention period: The data will be processed for the time necessary to resolve the user's request for contact. Subsequently, they will be blocked and kept for 3 years in order to deal with any possible liabilities arising from the processing.
You may withdraw your consent and exercise your rights at any time, as indicated in the section on data subjects' rights in this Privacy Policy.

If the user has any doubts about the information contained in our Privacy Policy, he/she can send an e-mail to: 

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