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Client Solutions

  • Following years of work out experience, Hispania-AM understands in great detail debtor situations and their complexities

  • Through its knowledge of recovery processes, judicial and bankruptcy procedures, combined with its precise understanding of bank provisioning requirements, investor and creditor economic targets, Hispania-AM can advise debtors facing difficult negotiations with their creditors

  • The advice will comprise legal strategy, economic modelling of the creditor's exposure and precise calculations of the impact on the value of the position of a chosen strategy

  • In replicating the position of the creditor, Hispania-AM is able to engage in a rational and economically driven negotiation on behalf of the Debtor

  • Where fresh capital is required to help a debtor settle his position, Hispania-AM PTG participates in the transaction giving Hispania-AM a unique competitive advantage in assisting distressed debtors

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