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Due Diligence 

  • All Due Diligence is performed in house by experienced Asset, Legal and Real Estate Management professionals 

  • Detailed review of all portfolio loan, borrowers, judicial and bankruptcy procedures

  • Determination of the most likely resolution scenario and timings guided by Hispania-AM's wide data set and experience

  • Realistic collateral valuations and timing to sell benchmarked against Hispania-AM's live data 

Portfolio Modelling & Business Plan

  • Individual Asset and Loan modelling generating precise portfolio cash-flows based on the Due Diligence output 

  • Calculation and itemisation of all costs relating to NPLs and REOs management based on Hispania-AM real data points as well as other customised financial parameters including tax optimisation based on tax status of assets and jurisdiction of asset / loan owner

  • Business Plan produced on a quarterly basis to capture portfolio improvements and dynamics

SPA Negotiation Support 

  • Hispania-AM has vast SPA negotiation experience and can take an active part in SPA negotiations

  • Identify and define all key operational aspects impacting the transfer of the portfolio ensuring the sale does not negatively impact portfolio performance 

  • Take an active role in advising on Representations and Warranties ("R&W") based on the Due Diligence findings 

NPL/PL/REO Management

  • Holistic recovery strategy driven by IRR & Multiple of Investment objectives using proprietary systems and focussed on intense extrajudicial negotiation leveraged by parallel robust and effective legal proceedings

  • Collaterals are the key reference value to set the monetization proceeds for each position. Hispania-AM excels in complex secured NPLs with a wide variety of underlying real estate asset classes

  • High REO management intensity based on strong internal valuations, sales and operational capabilities supported by a proprietary network of individually selected independent brokers

Pre & Post Sale Support 

  • Identifying R&W breaches, obtaining documents, clearing legacy liens and attachments, being the link between Seller and Investor

  • Portfolio divestment: liquidity of portfolios is fundamental to an efficient NPL / REO market. Supporting sales processes is key to successful client portfolio exits and investment returns

  • Functions performed include data-tape set up, Q&A coverage, management meetings, support on SPA negotiation, Flying REOs transfer and overall post-sale support to the new Investor.

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