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  • Hispania-AM compliance policies and processes are designed to comply with all the relevant Anti Money Laundering ("AML") requirements that apply to transactions completed 

  • Client ID processes are detailed, robust, the origin of funds is checked and all counterparts are screened against the politically exposed persons and other required lists 

  • Hispania-AM works closely with Intertrust Group on all its AML processes and every closing to ensure all steps and validations are fulfilled.

  • Hispania-AM retains ultimate liability towards its client when performing AML chec1.1

Data Protection

  • Confidentiality, privacy and data protection are paramount in an ever changing data landscape

  • Hispania-AM abides by the highest standards of compliance with Data Protection Regulations

  • Hispania-AM is supported by Audea who conducts regular audits and provides frequent advice in relation to Data Protection Matters

Cyber Security

  • Hispania-AM takes Cyber Security very seriously and remains ever vigilant against new and evolving threats

  • Regular Penetration Tests are performed to test the company defences

  • State-of-the-art Firewalls are employed to protect the company networks from intrusion

  • Multi-Factor authentication is used to help guard against unauthorised access

  • A comprehensive software suite operates throughout the company to protect from phishing, viruses and other malware

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