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Direct Investments 

  • Through its extensive network and experience in working out NPLs and distressed assets, Hispania-AM's Private Transactions Group  ("PTG") is in a unique position to source transactions and invest its capital 

  • Hispania-AM provides its counterparts with certainty of execution as no intermediaries, servicers or other third parties are required in completing an acquisition

  • The analysis is completed 100% in house 

  • All transactions are onshore, confidential, often complex, can involve highly reputationally sensitive situations and provide an exit to the Seller where the Seller does not wish to take possession of the underlying assets 

  • A disciplined and intense due diligence process is the foundation fo every acquisition

  • Hispania-AM PTG will not compromise on the quality of information, documentation and understanding of the circumstances surrounding a position it intends to purchase  

  • Through this intense analysis, Hispania-AM PTG is able to gain a high degree of certainty of the work out strategy and its timing which translates into an attractive price to the seller

  • Hispania-AM PTG's capital is versatile: it has granted  loans, purchased ordinary and subordinated claims in bankruptcies, acquired real estate and land plots individually or in small portfolios, combined different ranking liens on assets from different sellers and purchased loans in complex secured bankruptcies involving highly sensitive operating assets

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